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Khan you spot the difference? Raymond Khan's detached home is up for sale for PS300,000 and it comes complete with a luxury kitchen.

Khan, boss of failed kitchen firm Garrion Design, has a

"superb range of floor and wall units" at his villa in Dunlop,


It's a far cry from the mess his firm left customers in -

after they paid up front fo

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Its Hot Inside The Kitchen so How Would You Stay Cool

Another year has transpired - the year of the Sheep. Its function is always to store and display china. Its function would be to store and display china. What they fail to grasp that their few seconds can adjust the rubbish and garbage business in read more...

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12 Smart And Affordable Tips To Your Glamorous Garden

If you're living somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, you're not exactly packing within your shorts and flip-flops just yet. From butchers stripe aprons to extra length waist apronsChef workssupply the finest quality hardwearing chefs clothing an read more...